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Wau Holland Foundation at the Logan Symposium in Berlin

The Logan CIJ Symposium brings together a unique and powerful coalition of individuals with a single goal - the defence of freedom and democracy. Join... Read more

Wau Holland Foundation and the GNOME Project sign agreement

The Wau Holland Foundation and the GNOME project have signed an agreement for the collection of donations in Europe. The Wau Holland Foundation will support... Read more

Re-Enactment of the Wau-Pengo-Debate (1989) at the 31C3

Download: webm (720p)  |  mp4 (720p))  |  mp4 (1080p) </source> </source> Read more

Stand up for your rights

“Thanks to Assange, Snowden and Manning, you know the limits of freedom. You know you are spied on every hour of every day. You know... Read more

Protect your privacy - Help GnuPG hire a second developer!

GnuPG is the world’s leading privacy tool, with an estimated active user base of more than four million people world-wide, and a thousand new users... Read more

30th anniversary of the BTX Hack

You can find pictures from the event here and view the archive here. Press review (in German) Heise: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page... Read more

Survey for Investigative Journalists

The Wau Holland Foundation and the Center for Investigative Journalism, London have started a survey to improve online anonymity and safety for investigative journalists and... Read more

PayPal14 court trial ended yesterday

After four years defending themselves against the felony charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for what... Read more