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LibertyBits 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria

In Sofia, Bulgaria, the first LibertyBits conference took place on April 24, 2018, focusing on the topics Blockchain, Privacy and Free Software - admittedly a... Read more

Finally chaos at the Chaos Communication Congress

In the run-up to the 34th Chaos Communication Congress, there have been various statements on a possible “Code of Conduct”. A negative statement by the... Read more

Joint Press Release: Wau Holland Foundation collects money on behalf of the p≡p foundation in the EU

Hamburg and Zurich, Dec 27th, 2017 Dear members of the press, As of now, donations to the p≡p foundation can also be made through the... Read more

Statement on WikiLeaks in Project Area 'Freedom of Information'

When the Chaos Computer Club added two new points to Steven Levy’s hacker ethics in the mid-1980s, these two points were essentially influenced by Wau... Read more

Wau Holland Stiftung at 34C3 in Leipzig

Like every year, Wau Holland Stiftung will have an area in the assembly section of the 34C3 in it’s new location of Leipzig. All congress... Read more

DEEP CABLES: Uncovering the Wiring of the World

Hackers, engineers, investigative journalists, writers, researchers, artists and activists unveil how the Internet really works, how it is secretly structured, and in which way interlinked... Read more

Wau Holland Foundation at the Logan Symposium in Berlin

The Logan CIJ Symposium brings together a unique and powerful coalition of individuals with a single goal - the defence of freedom and democracy. Join... Read more

Wau Holland Foundation and the GNOME Project sign agreement

The Wau Holland Foundation and the GNOME project have signed an agreement for the collection of donations in Europe. The Wau Holland Foundation will support... Read more