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Vision paper of the YBTI working group released

YouBrokeTheInternet, or YBTI is an initiative whose work focuses on the next-generation of Internet. Snowden's revelations have shown that the previously supported projects Secushare and... Read more

Outrageous attempt to censor

The German Ministry of internal affairs (Bundesministerium des Innern / BMI) is currently trying to prevent the publication of documents by the platform "" by... Read more

Everything is Wau, except for zero!

Watch Video Wau used to jokingly say "Everything is one, except for zero" when talking about his data-Buddhism. And after this nice video from Vihart... Read more

Press release from #youbroketheinternet

Between Christmas and New Year's an international group of Hackers and cryptography experts will meet-up at the 30th annual Chaos Communication Congress, the 30C3, in... Read more

WHF sponsorship for Tor Exit Nodes

The Wau Holland Foundation - in close cooperation with the Tor project - sponsors the operation of Tor exit nodes. Operators running a high-bandwidth exit... Read more

Public Pond server at the WHF

Everyone can get a free account on our Pond server. Pond (still experimental!) realizes a new form of asynchronous message exchange (like E Mail), but... Read more

Call for support by Wau Holland Foundation

The Wau Holland Foundation published a call for support for WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning. You can read the full call here (in German). Read more

Transparency Report 2012 for Project 04: Enduring freedom of information (WikiLeaks)

This is the third transparency report published by the Wau Holland Foundation for "Project 04: Enduring Freedom of Information" which supports WikiLeaks. The following table... Read more