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Charitable status

The tax office Hamburg-Nord turns down our appeal against the divestiture of our charitable status for the year 2010. Read more

Office in Berlin

The foundation moves into its new office space in the Marienstrasse 25 in Berlin-Mitte, in the direct neighborhood of the CCCB. The Wau Archive (Hacker... Read more

Transparency report for the Project 04 (WikiLeaks) is available

The transparency report "Project 04 - Enduring freedom of information" (WikiLeaks) for the year 2011 and the first half of 2012 has been published. Read more

Information technology education

The first nationwide "Chaos macht Schule" ("Chaos makes School") activists meeting, which was initiated and funded by the foundation, has taken place from 28-30th.10.2011. Chaos... Read more


RaumZeitLabor e.V., located in Mannheim, has received funding for the purchase of a 3D printer from the Wau Holland Foundation. Read more

Transparency law

The citizens of Hamburg unanimously voted in favor of the transparency law, which was initiated among others by the CCC Hamburg and supported by WHF.... Read more

Charitable status

The WHF meets representatives of the Hamburg-Nord tax office for a direct discussion about the stand of the divestiture of the charitable status of the... Read more

Changes in the WHF Board

Jens Ohlig from Bonn leaves the board of the Wau Holland Foundation after five years of service. We would like to thank him for his... Read more