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Non-profit status for 2020 withdrawn by the tax office

In a letter dated February 26, 2024, the Hamburg-Nord tax office revoked the non-profit status of the Wau-Holland-Stiftung (WHS) for 2020; the WHS will appeal this decision. Until this matter has been resolved, the foundation may no longer issue receipts for incoming donations. Read more

Support for the Katzenpost project

The Wau Holland Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Katzenpost project in September 2023 and is now supporting the project in the further development and deployment of the Katzenpost mix network. Read more

Events on freedom of the press and WikiLeaks

The Wau-Holland-Foundation - in cooperation with the Linke Medienakademie e.V. organizes a series of events on the topics of freedom of the press, repression in journalism and whistleblowing. Read more

Australian parliamentarians call for the release of Julian Assange

In a full-page ad commissioned by the Wau Holland Foundation in the September 19th, 2023 edition of the *Washington Post*, 64 parliamentarians from Australia call for an end to the prosecution and planned extradition of Julian Assange to the United States. Read more

Wau Holland Foundation supports the defense of Ola Bini

Wau Holland Foundation formally lists Ola Bini in it´ s project area 07 for his Moral Courage Read more

"Free Julian Assange" truck on the road

The Wau Holland Foundation has been able to equip a "normal" logistics truck with a "Free Julian Assange" banner. The truck can now be found on German (and maybe even European) highways. Read more

Good-bye Twitter, hello Mastodon

The presence of the Wau-Holland Foundation on Twitter has been deactivated and will no longer be maintained. However, the account has not been deleted so... Read more

Julian Assange: Updated Diagram of the british court proceedings regarding extradition

After signing the order to extradite Julian Assange to the US through the British home secretary Priti Patel, there is still a legal path for... Read more