Moral Courage: Julian Assange

With the arrest of Julian Assange on the basis of a request for extradition from the American judiciary, the Wau Holland Foundation is now collecting donations for his legal defence in the “Moral Courage” project in order to prevent his extradition to the USA.

Despite all controversies over the person of Julian Assange, it is incompatible for the Wau Holland Foundation with the ideals of hacker ethics and the Chaos Computer Club to deny him solidarity in this difficult and dangerous situation. The point here is to show that the criminalization of journalistic activities and the punishment of active advocacy for freedom of information are not tolerated by us.

The Wau Holland Foundation has supported WikiLeaks’ journalistic activities since 2009 and will continue to do so. The majority of donations in the “Freedom of Information” project benefit selected publications and the technical operation of the WikiLeaks platform. Anyone wishing to donate to Julian Assange’s legal defence should do so in the project area “Moral courage”.