Enduring freedom of information

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The Wau Holland Foundation supports freedom of information projects and related activities within the framework of its statutes, for example the journalistic activities of Wikileaks or financial support for the operation of the platform “Frag den Staat”, but also actions within the framework of freedom of information and transparency initiatives.

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Current Projects


Frag den Staat (Ask the government)

Since 2011, FragDenStaat has been fighting for freedom of information in Germany. With their portal they support citizens* in accessing government documents and files. At the same time, they are knowledge repositories of official information with over 100,000 publicly accessible requests.



WikiLeaks is an internet news agency where documents of public interest are published. The project aims to “assist those who wish to expose unethical behaviour in their own governments and businesses”. To this end, previously secret documents will be published and then processed with media partners in the context of already available information. The system is designed in such a way that source protection is guaranteed. Wikileaks was launched in 2006.