Finally chaos at the Chaos Communication Congress

In the run-up to the 34th Chaos Communication Congress, there have been various statements on a possible “Code of Conduct”. A negative statement by the Wau Holland Foundation in the Wiki of the Congress against the introduction of a “Code of Conduct” occupied the status of the Wau Holland Foundation by activists.

From this stand occupation through the intervention of the “Awareness Team” then a moderated dialogue between the different participants of the different groups.

The representatives of the Wau-Holland Foundation and the stand-up activists have found that they see the same or similar problems at CCC events. Concisely, this concerns the protection of individual participants at events or meetings in relation to acts that are perceived as excessive or discriminatory and the strongly expandable diversity with regard to international participants.

The common dialogue was helpful for the mutual and thematic understanding. Both sides want to continue the dialogue and open it up to our community in order to make the events and meetings safe and enjoyable for all participants.

After the congress motto “tuwat”, the first steps were already taken on the 34c3 and more are planned together.

All the experiences that we have gathered over the last 34 years should be incorporated into this process in order to develop a future-compatible solution.