Non-profit status for 2020 withdrawn by the tax office

In a letter dated February 26, 2024, the Hamburg-Nord tax office revoked the non-profit status of the Wau-Holland-Stiftung (WHS) for 2020; the WHS will appeal this decision. Until this matter has been resolved, the Foundation may no longer issue receipts for incoming donations.

The tax office justifies its decision with the accession of the WHS Board members Andy Müller-Maguhn and Bernd Fix as joint plaintiffs in the Spanish criminal proceedings against UC Global in 2020 and assesses the assumption of costs (€7260) by the Foundation as a misuse of funds. Müller-Maguhn and Fix were spied on by UC Global during their voluntary work as Foundation Directors during the coordination meetings with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy and described as “priority targets” in UC Global internal emails.