Project areas that the Wau Holland Foundation (WHS) supports

Campaign against voting computers
The WHS considers voting computers to be a dangerous development that violates the basic principles of democratic participation and delegates the control (and manipulation!) of elections to a technological minority - their use must be prohibited.

Anonymity networks
The Wau Holland Foundation is supporting various projects that provide the anonymous use of Internet services in order to enable Internet users in executing their right of informational self-determination.

Decentralized communication networks
Wau Holland Foundation funds the operational costs (hardware + running costs) of the XMPP Instant Messaging platform operated by the Chaos Computer Club.

Enduring freedom of information
The Wau Holland Foundation supports freedom of information projects like "WikiLeaks" and "Frag den Staat" as well as actions within the framework of freedom of information and transparency initiatives.

The Wau Holland Foundation funds educational activities and projects that promote a responsible handling of new media and technology. This includes the CCC-related project 'Chaos makes School' as well as several workshops with soldering equipment and electronics for kids.

Informational Self-Determination
As commercial 'social' network services like Facebook abuse user-contributed contents and personal information as an asset to gain financial profit, the Wau Holland Foundation funds projects like p≡p, GnuPG, SecuShare, Unhosted, GnuNET and Psyc that support the informational self-determination of the users in social networks.

Moral courage
The Wau Holland Foundation promotes moral courage in the digital realm and supports hunted whistleblowers, journalists and (political) hacktivists like Snowden, Manning, Hammond, Brown or the PayPal14.

Free Software
The Wau Holland Foundation supports the development and deployment of free software.

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